Oliver Galvin

After returning from a year long tattoo apprenticeship in Cyprus In 2010, Olly worked alongside a multi award winning artist, in his local town of Boston for the next year to gain more experience. He then ventured out on his own to create the shop and brand, that is now known as Olive and Weston, His preferred tattoo style is black and grey realism, but also enjoys doing most other tattooing styles.

Grant Butler

Grant has 5 years of experience within the trade, He started to pursue his career in tattooing in 2015 after finishing an apprenticeship with fellow Olive and Weston artist Oliver Galvin. He likes to create custom designs for his clients so every piece is original to their own ideas within the piece. Black and grey is his preferred tattoo style however, He is comfortable with any style depending on the clients preference.

Bryony Mercer

Bryony's tattooing journey began with a passion for art. In 2016, this led her to join Olive and Weston. Beginning as an apprentice, Bryony increased her knowledge and experience to a point where she was ready to start tattooing.

For the last 18 months, Bryony has been tattooing traditional custom pieces and is now extending her repertoire and skillset in all types of design work.

Amber de Vries

Amber specialises in hand-poked tattoos, a method which involves no machinery. Self-taught, she has been working on her skills and technique for the past 3 years. Amber gently dots into the skin to create delicate, authentic, custom hand-drawn pieces of art.

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